Farah & Hanan suggestions:
Abito Diane Von Furstenberg
Tailleur Giorgio Armani
Foulard Hermes
“La figlia della fortuna” di Isabel Allende, Feltrinelli editore

Tre domande a Farah & Hanan, curatrici del blog Fashion Fabrice

1) Who is your favourite writer? 
“Favourite writer would be Isabel Allende. She’s a chilean-american writer,mostly known for her book ‘The house ofthe spirits’. Love the way she takes little pieces of her own life and creates such magical books and stories with it”

2) Which accessories / dress you want to dressing your favourite writer?

“If we would dress Isabel Allende,we’d put a dress on her:) She’s a very feminine women and we’d like to show her body. Let’s say: In summer we would dress her in Diane Von Furstenberg.
Why? Because Isabel is a lady from age, soit has to be classy but still comfy for a book-signing/reading for example:)
In winter we would let her wear an Armani suit. When women wear suits they look confident and strong. This is what we see when we look at Isabel Allende
3) Which object / more you do not ever separate?
“We coudn’t live without high heels:) ALthough we are in love with flats (and everywhere we go we really take some balerinas with us): high heels make women ten times more sexy or look confident ect..
High Heels, when you can walk on them proparly, make your legs seem longer and look atractive. You get noticed and makes your figurelook better! Howmuch more reason do you need;) But even though it all lookspretty: we need to endure the pain when we’re walking on heels. So that’s why you ALWAYS have to bring some flats

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